What Parisheners Say About Narrow Path Christian Church:


I love Narrow Path Christian Biker Church…

at first I just came to support my brother in law (Pastor Joker) but it soon became my church…

I have never been one to go to church… not too comfortable around people…

but this church has made me feel comfortable and welcome…

I now have a church to go to every week (that I actually look forward to going to) and a church family that I love…
it feels awesome…

I thank God every day for Narrow Path and Pastor Joker….


~ Peggy Henderson Bergman

What Parisheners Say About Narrow Path Christian Church:

Though we are all of the body of Christ, each is individual, and needs a flock where they are accepted and loved….

This is the perfect flock if you like tats, leather, & bikes.

All are loved by Jesus.

~ Cliff Wilson







What Parisheners Say About Narrow Path Christian Church:


I didn’t quite know what to expect when first walking into a “Biker Church” –
but I can now say, without a doubt, that I have never felt more welcomed and at home at a church.

Pastor Joker’s weekly messages are very easily understood, and I love the humor he throws in too!

Of all the churches I have attended in my lifetime, Narrow Path is the only one where I feel truly accepted and part of a family, not just another face in the crowd.

I am Blessed to have finally found a church that I look forward to attending every week!

~ Terri Ostin-Parkinson


What Parisheners Say About Narrow Path Christian Church:

Narrow Path is by far the most welcoming church I have ever been to before! I’m not talking about the ‘church’ itself but rather the bikers, non-bikers, misfits, teens, seniors & everyday people that return week after week. I first attended out of curiosity. “What does a biker church have to offer” I wondered. After 8 weeks I can say that to my surprise this “biker church” offers;
– an easy to follow message.
– a lot of humor.
– extremely welcoming members.
– free coffee.
– an uncommon feeling of unity.
– music and chitchat before & after service.

I strongly suggest everyone checks out this biker church at least one time. I’m glad I did!

~ John Hofmann